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This is the home page for the Winchester, Paston, and Portsmouth Rwy. Corp.

The WP&P is a fictional railroad, as modeled by Michael R. Rountree.  Begun in 1896 as the Paston Valley Lines and dependent on its mainline connection to the Baltimore & Ohio, the line eventually grew across the West Virginia / VA border to reach the town of Winchester and then a connection with the Norfolk & Western beyond.  Ultimately, following reorganization under the new WP&P name, it reached Portsmouth, VA.  The line met its "demise" in 1967, when at long last the major shareholder N&W finally completed its takeover.  The north-south line between Winchester and Portsmouth was abandoned, but the coal-productive line west from Winchester was preserved as a branch and as a bridge route to the B&O.  The route is modeled as it would be in 1971, with a heavy N&W influence but with the remnants of WP&P equipment in evidence.


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Your journey should begin by visiting
The Depot - Timetable - Tickets - Baggage - Connections
where you will find information about the railroad and also find fun ways to interact.  You can unload your Baggage by sending me an email!  You can buy a Ticket by signing my Guestbook!  You can find other places to go, as well.

The Layout - Home Layout - Module - Route
has descriptions of the model railroad version of the WP&P, as well as the geography being represented.

The Sim - Reskins - RRtycoon - Trainz
refers to computer simulations, using popular strategy games.  Custom scenarios and content, plus screenshots, are all here.

The Birds - Lifelist - Photos - Nancy's
is where you can take a peek at another hobby of mine, birding.  I keep a life list there.

The Rest - Storysinger - Games - Trance
is where everything else will go, including digital photos that I may choose to post.

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