A Fiction, based on the Book of Job

by Michael R. Rountree

Index Synopsis Published
Page 1 Job's three friends come to mourn together with him, finding him a wreck and a puzzle 02/09/09
Page 2 Job's silence finally comes to an end, and Eliphaz tells Job of his vision 02/24/09
Page 3 Elihu is introduced, as he sees the man that Job has become, while inwardly wondering at the man that he is. 04/03/09
Page 4 Bildad has a chance to speak with Job alone; corresponds to Job 7-8 05/08/09
Page 5 Job offers a glimpse of his own thoughts; corresponds to Job 9-11 02/22/10

Author's Notes:

I've just finished reading through Job again, and golly do I love that book. I just have such vivid emotional pictures forming in my mind as I read, it makes me wish I was a filmmaker so that I could show the rest of the world what I was seeing.

Well, I decided that, while I'm not a filmmaker, I can write, so I've embarked on drafting some fiction to flesh out the story. I'm starting at the point that Job's friends first encounter him, writing from their perspective. They are very confused by it all, they don't even really know how to help their friend, and they worry that the world which makes sense under God's providence might somehow be falling apart.

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