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Winchester Paston & Portsmouth » UNPRINTED: a Magic Un-Set

UNPRINTED: a Magic Un-Set

I’ve been having a bit too much fun recently, making card designs for Magic: the Gathering!

In the tradition of Unglued and Unhinged, this is a tongue-in-cheek set designed mainly for humor. However, the set’s unique mechanic (crap counters) is actually pretty interesting in terms of game play. The basic concept is that permanents might collect crap counters, which don’t in and of themselves actually mean anything. But other cards may assign some meaning to the counters, and they are usually bad. So you want to get rid of the crap!

The other major theme in the set is pumpkins. This aspect of it comes from a few years ago, when I discovered the joy of Punkin’ Chunkin’, a contest to devise catapults and cannon that launch raw pumpkins as far as possible. There’s a lot of plant tokens and things to do with plant creatures.

You can click the links below to see sub-categories, or view the entire set below. This set was created using Magic Set Editor version 2.0.0. I have no affiliation with Wizards Of The Coast and no input on official card design; these cards are not sanctioned by them and I do not intend to compete with the M:TG product line. These cards are not for sale.

If you want to see card designs for a non-funny set, check out my “Planesthief” set.

Rares and Mythic Rares:

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