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Selfie Planeswalkers

I have MOAR CARDS that I have designed, inspired by the show, further down the page. I’m just sorta using this as a catch-all for MtA-themed cards. Look down below for my most recent work – two takes on “Murderous Kraut” based on episode 106!

This page began as a challenge, issued to the hosts of the “Magic: The Amateuring” podcast. It’s a Create-A-Card, but with a twist! Each host must take a selfie, of sorts, and define what abilities they would have… if they were a planeswalker card.

(This challenge was accepted, and if you wish to hear where they went with it, go check out their web site or look for Episode #65 on the MTGcast network!)

I have provided a basic structure here, but the specifics of mana cost and loyalty can be adjusted. My thinking was that Ben, as the old fogey of the group, would take the longest time to go ultimate, and as a wise middle-schooler sage should have a middle ability for 0 loyalty. Maria, the Rakdos hot-head, should go off quickest, while the more deliberate Meghan is more mid-range.

Artwork for these cards was acquired via freeze frame from their hilarious video, “Let’s Play Theros”. However, in keeping with the challenge, it might be better if each host was forced to take a good selfie. Note that such a shot needs to be vertical with very little detail in the bottom half, to make text legible.

Here are the blank cards. MTA, will you accept the challenge?

Ben, Ancient TeacherMaria of the One HornMeghan the Ice Creamist

Card designs produced using Magic Set Editor. Not affiliated with or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast; I just do this for fun.

And… ME!

In fairness to the wonderful MTA hosts, I have stepped up and produced a Selfie Planeswalker of my own. Since I have a tendency to reinvent games that I play (and I like making new cards for Magic, obviously), I get an ability to rewrite the spells I cast. Plus, the ultimate thing about me is that I am a faithful podcast listener.

My Selfie Planeswalker


I just listened to Episode #78 and was intrigued by Meghan’s card rating system… so I decided to make up a card called “Meghan’s Rating System”. Then, in order to not offend the other two MTA hosts (who, let’s be honest, do tend to contribute to the podcast in their own small ways) I also created ratings systems for Maria and Ben. See what you think.

Legendary Enchantment

Legendary Enchantment

It's just double doom blade.


You want MOAR?

Having just finished listening to Episode #81 “Easy Pope”, I was intrigued by the thought of a Vatican-themed card set. They did their own take on a Create-A-Card called Easy Pope, so I decided to play along.

First up, Easy’s counterpart is Difficult Pope, who makes life difficult for those false gods of Nyx! He strips them of power and penetrates their invulnerability. He doesn’t believe the monsters that others fear are real.

bane of the gods

Next up, the Pope is surrounded by Cardinals, and they have a habit of showing up unannounced.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Gotta work in Vatican City itself, of course:

Vatican City at night

And finally, a split card that I was even thinking about prior to hearing the podcast.

Holy Hand Grenade


So should we risk offending those of german lineage? MtA seems to think that we should. Maria asked us to submit ideas for a card named “Murderous Kraut”, after she messed up the pronunciation of “Murderous Cut”. But, did I hear her correctly? Or did she really say…

Choose target creature you control. When that creature dies this turn, exile it and the top card of your library in a face-down pile instead of placing it into your graveyard. Then, shuffle that pile, and manifest each of those cards.

It’s got a decent amount of synergy with Tymaret, the Murder King, creating willing fodder for his activated abilities. And flavor-wise, it’s a card that says, if you want to murder ME, you’re gonna have to murder US, because I’ll just come back (un-manifest) otherwise. I figure it would play a bit like Rescue From The Underworld.

But assuming we did hear her right, here’s a second option:

I did not make the artwork, I swear

He just likes stabbing things.