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Winchester Paston & Portsmouth » Ravnica Synthesis: PLANESTHIEF

Ravnica Synthesis: PLANESTHIEF

Grudal has used his planeswalking ability to steal away the most valuable artifacts he can find, but this time he chose the wrong victim. Corlitt unkowingly bears the planeswalker spark, and in heated pursuit was able to follow his assailant to this plane. They have found a realm in turmoil, wherein coalitions of those left to the fringes of the Guilds have begun to assert their unorganized strength.

This is a set of card designs I have done based on the collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering. It is inspired by the recent Return To Ravnica and Gatecrash sets, based on blending some of the mechanics of the various guilds. As I was having fun synthesizing cards in this manner, a fuller set and story began to develop. At the moment, this is roughly half the size of a normal M:TG expansion set.

You can click the links below to see sub-categories, or view the entire set below. This set was created using Magic Set Editor version 2.0.0. I have no affiliation with Wizards Of The Coast and no input on official card design; these cards are not sanctioned by them and I do not intend to compete with the M:TG product line. These cards are not for sale.

If you want a good laugh, check out my “un” set, called “Unprinted“.

By Rarity:

Planesthief – Rare & Mythic Rares

Planesthief – Uncommons

Planesthief – Commons

By Color:

Planesthief – Black

Planesthief – Blue

Planesthief – Green

Planesthief – Red

Planesthief – White

By Type:

Planesthief – Creatures

Planesthief – Instants

Planesthief – Sorceries

Planesthief – Enchantments

Planesthief – Artifacts

Planesthief – Lands and Planeswalkers


Below is the entire set so far.

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