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Winchester Paston & Portsmouth » Magical Architecture

Magical Architecture


As the Kaladesh block introduced Vehicles as a card type, I thought I might take a stab at creating Buildings along a similar vein. My take on it is to have them enter as lands, and then creatures can be tapped to inhabit them, which turns them into artifacts and thereby empowers them to do various things. One thing I figured they could do is to act similar to the guild signets, which asked you to tap a land plus themselves in order to produce the two guild mana. With this version, which is a cycle of Taverns, one taps a creature to inhabit, then taps the Tavern, to produce the two guild mana. I made these common, but there are a lot of other things that an activated artifact can do, so I made a variety of uncommon and rare examples to demonstrate the potential design space.

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