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Winchester Paston & Portsmouth » Lake Effect – an expansion for Borderlands

Lake Effect – an expansion for Borderlands

Lake Effect is the long-awaited second set in the Borderlands block, of the popular card game “Mathieu: The Family”. It features 50 new cards plus reprints of the useful Fringe dual lands. Available only in random booster packs of 10 cards each, this set will be found in Christmas gifts for the 2016 holiday season.

Lake Effect booster packs

This set is designed to augment the cards and strategies unveiled in Borderlands, giving the players new tools to work with in their pre-built Borderlands decks, or to make entirely new decks. As such, it brings in new mechanics alongside those previously established, to work in partnership with them. The “Round” keyword, for instance, bypasses the vulnerabilities of the Wheel mechanic in order to offer a bigger reward for completing a Wheel permanent’s circuit. It also can extend beyond the color identities of the original Wheel permanents, to allow other player in on the Wheelwright’s fun.

The “Sparring” mechanic is a form of evasion that discourages your opponent from blocking your attacking creature. This is primarily useful to the ninjutsu player, but when paired with the Family mechanic it becomes a potential route to heal your wounded creatures. A combat trick that rescues your Sparring creature from an unfavorable block makes your opponent’s future decisions even more difficult, as your creature might grow yet again.

Hybrid mana is used a lot in order to let cards slot into multiple deck archetypes. As these cards are packed only as random boosters, this will allow established Borderlands players to find cards that are useful for their existing decks.

Some new lands also offer a bonus to any creature assigned to them, via the Patrol mechanic. And other lands are reprinted herein, though with different artwork.

Now, on to the cards!


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