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Winchester Paston & Portsmouth » Eclipse – an Expansion for Borderlands

Eclipse – an Expansion for Borderlands

Based on the Mathieu family’s 2017 western excursion, to see Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, all timed to view the Great American Eclipse, this set presents Fain the planeswalker as he is nearing his goal to return to his original realm, which has been his goal throughout the storyline introduced in the Borderlands card set. However, just as he is about to complete his odyssey, he learns of an upcoming event: the Great Eclipse. This is an event that will alter everything about the lands he has been forced to wander, and thereby set him back to square one.

Fain learns, however, that the Wheelwright, who earlier had manipulated him for his own purposes, actually knows a secret of the elves and possesses an artifact which will grant an immunity to the realm-shift of the upcoming Eclipse. All of the Wheelwright’s weird efforts to dispatch minions across the borders have in fact been aimed at discovering a method of persistence past the approaching starshadow. Fain decides to steal the Wheelwright’s goggles, and his wand while at it, thus making an everlasting enemy who, for the time being, is unable to cross the borders in pursuit of the young planeswalker…

Card Image: The Great Eclipse

DESIGN NOTE: Every card in this set, aside from just a couple that were created earlier and included as they fit well, is designed based on photographs taken by those embarking on this trip. It began as an experiment, to see if I could actually just come up with a full set of basic lands, since the landscape shots might seem to be limited in scope. Then, it expanded to some dual lands, and from there I just decided to make a “full” set. This set size is the same as Lake Effect, meaning it will be packed into boosters in a more-or-less random assortment with conventional common, uncommon, and rare/mythic slots.


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