Borderlands: A Custom MTG Set

It is 2016, and time for me to make an attempt at an actual custom-designed Magic: The Gathering card set. This set will be flavorfully based on the life and times of my sister’s family and environs, so it will contain a fair number of in-jokes and references. However, I do hope for it to contain intriguing and playable cards and game mechanics as well.

The “set” will actually be more like a duel decks configuration, with several pre-built deck archetypes that are meant to be played against each other in a multiplayer setting. In this respect, it will be somewhat like the Commander decks that WOTC offers, although there will be no singleton card restriction and hence the decks will contain multiples of certain cards. Some common cards may show up in multiple decks, too, thus reducing the work load in terms of the total number of cards to be designed.

Follow the links below to be taken to pages that describe each of the deck archetypes and the gameplay mechanics they will feature, as well as to see the current state of cards that I have designed for that deck. Some cards may be included just as placeholders, to be replaced later when I get more design work done.

Here are the deck archetypes:
Bookist – based on my sister’s profession as a librarian, this features a new mechanic called Bookshelf

Wheelwright – based on my brother-in-law’s profession as an engineer at Chrysler, featuring a new mechanic called Wheel

Borders – based on their location close to the Canadian border as well as a friend who serves as a border patrol agent, featuring a new mechanic called Patrol

Wildlings – based on myself as a “Treefolk” and her “Rountree” heritage, featuring a new mechanic called Family

Ninjas – based on my nephew and the family’s pursuit of martial arts, featuring an old mechanic called Ninjutsu

NEW FOR CHRISTMAS 2016! Check out the Lake Effect set of cards, which add new tools to customize these decks.

NEW FOR CHRISTMAS 2017! The Eclipse set of cards commemorates the Mathieu Family’s trip out west to see the great American eclipse, taking in sights such as Mt. Rushmore and the Grand Tetons.