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Winchester Paston & Portsmouth » The Layout

The Layout

A “layout” is a term for a constructed model railroad, and it is usually a large display found in the basement of a model railroader’s home.  However, modelers are resourceful people, and layouts of all different shapes and sizes have been built over the years, in many kinds of locations.  Modular railroading is a way for club members to each own a small portion of a layout, one which comes together at the trains shows and events attended by that club.

Click on the links to find out about the layout going in my basement,

the module I’ve built,

and the virtual railroad which exists as maps of the line.

Overall Track Plan

Click the layout plan to zoom in. This plan is evolving slightly as I work on it, but you can see the general shape of things. Staging yards occupy a 4’x10′ closet, with Roanoke on top and Grafton on bottom. These are the endpoints of the line; the Winchester Division of the N&W (which is what WP&P became after the 1967 merger) sees a lot of bridge traffic flowing back and forth between these two yards. Coal trains marshall out of Winchester, turn at Paston, and then reblock into longer trains to run from Winchester to Roanoke. Oxmore was originally going to host a coal mine, but I decided to follow the lead of the real Gore, VA, and make it a sand mine instead. In fact, it will be a played-out coal mine that is now tapping into sandstone strata. Trellisville includes an interchange with the B&O, representing the real B&O branch out of Green Springs that went to Romney and Moorefield; Trellisville is my fictional version of Romney. Paston is the true heart of the layout, where a large coal mine keeps everybody busy. Sunnyvale is a former division point yard that, since the merger, has become redundant and thus assigned to fleet maintenance only. It will be where WP&P AlCo diesels will congregate, and old rolling stock will be showcased in its small yard. Beyond Sunnyvale, the line winds its way through the mountains toward Grafton, WV, but this stretch is not really modeled aside from the single track line on a narrow shelf.