Deepwater District Layout Visit

Posted on September 9th, 2015, by Michael Rountree

I was invited by a friend (Mark) to join him for an operating session on the fabulous Deepwater District layout, built by Gerry Albers. This is an HO layout, and as it turns out, one that is located rather close to where I live.

I tried to take some video of the trains that I was operating even as I was operating them – I had help in the form of a “black shirt” who showed me the ropes. But even with extra hands to hold paperwork and phone the dispatcher, it was still tough to capture footage while operating. So, I eventually took a break and tagged along with Mark to shoot his ops, which is most of what you’ll see.

In terms of my vision for the WP&P, it definitely includes a lot of influence from roads like the VGN and the V&O, both of which feature prominently here. I won’t ever be achieving anything of quite the scope of this layout, but I was really glad to get the firsthand experience.

Enough of my blabbering! Here’s the video for you:

(note that original video is in HD so you may want to view full screen)

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