Tree’s Trees (and more trees…)

Posted on May 3rd, 2015, by Michael Rountree

I finally got it done – the rear three inches of scenery and backdrop, adjacent to Winchester Apple Growers. I figured I needed to get this done, so that I could mount the building permanently and ballast in the siding that it straddles. I’ve been working for over a month on this – painting the backdrop, making trees, and placing them all. Here is a video summary; I made sure to take photos along the way. It’s not hard work, it just takes a long time to make all those trees look good. Gotta prune them to a decent shape, let them soak in dye + glycerin + water bath overnight or longer, air dry for another day, then hair spray on the foliage… but get an assembly line going, and you can process a few more trees each night while watching TV.

I should mention that the video shows Super Trees, but there are a handful of trees that I made using clippings from my own garden. The box of Super Trees was only about $30 and I’m nowhere near using it all up yet, but if you want to save money then you can just keep an eye out for naturally occuring weeds or plants in your yard that will work. The glycerin is costly (about $1 per ounce) and can be hard to find, but it is so worth it! The Super Trees are brittle and can crumble in your hand, but after the soak they are resilient and firm. I used about 8 ounces mixed into this tub, but I don’t have any specific recipe (the dye was eyeballed too).

To the right of Winchester Apple Growers, the backdrop will need to be much more urban, but on this side I wanted to represent the main line peeling away from the northeast suburbs. I may have gone too far with subduing the urbanity, but the real city is not big and does have a lot of trees throughout. Tell me what you think!

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