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Revising Winchester Yard

Posted on February 26th, 2013, by Michael Rountree

Recently I decided that it was about time to take the plunge, and go ahead and re-lay some of the track in the area around the depot and yard lead in Winchester. This track had been laid down a long time ago, when I first started working on this version of the WP&P, and over the years I invested more and more thought into the track plan. I determined that a few changes were not only feasible but highly desirable, as they would make the whole yard operate that much better.

Here is a pencil sketch of the before and after conditions, not to scale but close enough. The biggest change is to add a long drill track, so that the yard switcher can stay clear of the main while working, and not be interrupted by trains coming and going on the Arrival/Departure (A/D) tracks. Click it for enlarged image.

sketch of Winchester Yard Redesign

Executing these changes meant taking up existing track. The track had been laid using AIM Instant Roadbed, a tacky bituminous product that I don’t think is even made any more – you use it instead of cork, and just press the track into it. I was never satisfied with the ballast profile when using this, though. The good news is that it peeled up readily, and I was able to recover most of the track for re-use. This section has also been built using 1/2″ foam core in lieu of plywood for subroadbed, but I am back to using regular plywood now. Scraping things up often took the form of peeling the paper facing off of the foam core, but it all worked out.

If you’re still having trouble visualizing, here is a video that explains it better:

Winchester Yard Redesign

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