Sophisticated Finishes Rust

Posted on May 28th, 2012, by Michael Rountree

I have been having fun making use of a product called Sophisticated Finishes, which I found at the art store. They make several variations such as copper and bronze, but what I was interested in was their rust finish. Basically, it consists of two bottles, one that is a paint which includes iron particles, and the other a reactant that causes that iron to rust. In other words, you’re using the real thing… and nothing quite captures the look of rust like real rust!

For an N-scale application, though, the trick is applying the base iron coat in a splotchy, random manner.  I use a beat up paint brush that has bristles pointing every which way for this, dabbling it on. It’s kind of like a faux-finishing technique, really!  Here are some sample photos, though in full disclosure the finished models include some additional chalk-wash weathering.

Here is a comparison of a roof I recently did, using SF Rust, versus an older car that just used chalks and a wash. Perhaps I need to go back and touch up some cars now!

Sophiticated Finishes rusty roof

Chalk-Wash rusty roof

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    Ken,Welcome!!! I’m a member of the Piedmont Division of the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association). At one of their menteig I asked about finding a local club and they directed me to the North County Interchange Operation Group (NCIOG). I’ve been a member of that group and they are great! I would suggest that you find the nearest NMRA group and attend a menteig, or if you can’t find a group contact them on their website.Ken, it’s great to have another L&Ner and I hope that I can help you when ever possible. My layout isn’t prototypical; however, perhaps I can help you in other ways. I wish you well with your layout!Rick

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