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Get Yourself a Rail Pass!

Posted on August 25th, 2011, by Mike

You might be tired of paying for your rail travel, or dealing with the hassles of purchasing tickets. If so, well, you just might be in luck! Michael R. Rountree, Superintendent, has been authorized to issue a limited number of Rail Passes which entitle the bearer to free ridership on any and all WP&P trains. This includes the West Virginian Arrow and the Tidewater Comet! But you must notify Mr. Rountree of your desire to be awarded one of these passes, and state plainly your need.

Sample WP&P Rail Pass

By this point, you may be wondering just what good it would do you to own such a Rail Pass. After all, it is 1971 and the WP&P has been just an appendage of the Norfolk & Western for 4 years now! And with Amtrak starting up, won’t the remaining WP&P passenger schedule disappear?

Consider it then a collectible. With WP&P now technically a “fallen flag”, this pass may gain some trade value. In fact, that is the official price tag of one WP&P Rail Pass: you must trade me for one of your own.

That’s right, any other model railroader out there who wants to can get their very own signed and valid Rail Pass (valid until December 31, 1971 that is) if they are willing to provide me with a similar pass for their chosen railroad. Doing so means exchanging street addresses, so that they can be placed in the mail. If you are interested, add a comment to this post with an email address to which I can reply, or send an email to railpass at wpandp dot com with your contact info. If you don’t have any rail pass of your own to trade, let me know, maybe we can work something out. Of course, I encourage you to take the time to develop a pass of your own; it is easy to get them printed by VistaPrint as I did.

When you swing by to visit the WP&P layout in person, I will ask to see your pass, so make sure you have it on you! If you don’t have it with you, then you’re just gonna have to purchase a ticket.

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  1. Tom Says:

    Hi friend, I like your blog!

  2. Kathleen Says:

    This is cool!

  3. Steven Tomblin Says:

    I’m from Winchester, VA.
    I have a picture of a N&W engine I was going to forward to you but I couldn’t fine an email address.
    If you are interested just email me.

    Take care,

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