Behind Door Number 3 – A NEW CAR!

Posted on July 16th, 2011, by Mike

I didn’t win it on a game show, okay, but check out my new N-trak module carrying case! It’s not a new car, really, since they no longer make it, but it is a low-mileage 2006 Dodge Magnum. I don’t know why, but it seems like often, once I decide that I like something, the company that offers it stops making it. It wasn’t long after I decided that I liked Hardee’s for their mushroom-n-swiss burgers that all 3 stores in the Cincinnati area vanished, and as much as I loved the show “Firefly” it didn’t get a second season. The Magnum was only produced for a few years, being discontinued in 2008, and there just isn’t anything else like it out there.  Sure, there are other station wagons, but they all look like wagons, and they don’t tend to come with a 3.5L V6 engine.

Low angle front quarter shot

I hunted around for other new vehicles that I might enjoy just as much, and there were some contenders. However, this one had three points in its favor: low miles (44,200), a reasonable price, and a nice color. A lot of the other ones I had seen were in uninspiring colors, like silver, but this calm slate green just feels right to me.

Rear quarter shot

The generous cargo bay is of course the primary selling feature for me, as the hatchback makes loading and unloading of my N-trak module much easier. I didn’t want to have to go to a full SUV or minivan, so the range of possible vehicles was fairly narrow. Nissan’s Murano and Juke were contenders, but I was unable to get an up-close look at the Juke since the dealer didn’t have one in. While stylish, my fear was that the Juke still would just be too small. Toyota’s Venza is similar to the Murano, and some other crossovers, but the styling just never grabbed me the way the Magnum does. Chrysler as reinvented itself in the past two years, but they have done so at the expense of all their distinctive personality styles… gone are the PT Cruiser, the Magnum, the Pacifica, and more.

Actually, my ideal car at the start of all this would have been a Chrysler 300 to which a Magnum style hatchback had been added. It turns out that such a vehicle was in fact made, but for the European and Australian market. It was called the 300 C Touring, but when I inquired about it I learned that it isn’t really feasible to get a foreign-market car here in the USA. Production on these cars has ended too, so I’d be in the used car market anyways. I decided just to stick with the normal Magnum and find the best one available locally.

Passenger side rear quarter

Next time you see me, chances are I’ll be showing up in these wheels! This car is a lot more fun to drive than the PT, it’s got a lot more spunk, better turn radius, feels like a sport car.


I have registered and received my new tags – let me know if you like this!

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