Did Your Comment Get Blocked?

Posted on March 16th, 2011, by Mike

I don’t want my articles to become bogged down with spam comments, so I have done two things. First, if it is your first time commenting, then your comment is going to go into a purgatory of sorts and wait for me to approve it.  So you won’t be able to see your wit right away… unless I have previously approved you for posting.

Second, I had enabled a plug-in that scours comments for spam and catches known offenders.  However, I think that this plug-in may have been a bit too aggressive in operation, so as of today (03/16/11) I am taking that particular shield down.  It did indeed catch some bona-fide spam, so I know that means that I will now have spam showing up as pending comments, which I will have to manually deny.  But it seemed to prohibit any posting of comments whatsoever, which is no fun. So, have at it spammers!  I will deny you all, with swift thrust and parry of my mouse. For the rest of you, the folks I want to hear from, maybe now you’ll actually get through (fingers crossed, which makes it hrad to tyep!)

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  1. Tree Says:

    As a test, I am submitting this comment while logged out.

  2. Tree Says:

    And now that I have submitted a comment and been approved, I can post others without the delay.

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