Shameless Plug: My LOLz

Posted on August 26th, 2010, by Mike

What is a LOL? Around teh intarnet, “LOL” meanz “laugh out loud”. Beyond that, it also refers to the phenomenon known as “LolCats”, a trend of applying goofy captions to even more goofy photos of cats. It’s more than just cats, though, these days, so in general they just get called “Lolz”.  Why the Z? Becuz kittehs not noez hao tu spel gud, so dey uzez Lolspeek.  There’s some overlap between kitteh Lolspeak and texting, such as “R U?” serving as a perfectly legitimate question.

Go to and spend some time looking around – there’s dozens of hundreds of thousands of millions of folks getting in on the act, creating ever more clever captions every day. But of course, I especially want you to take a peek at my own creations, and hopefully to bump their ratings up a bit higher! I haven’t made the front page yet, but I don’t think it’s for lack of quality.  I just need to bounce a bit higher in peer ratings to come to the notice of the editors.

Okay, maed ur poynt! Bafftub iz bettar.

I’ve also done some non-kitteh stuff; a favorite of mine is Star Trek / Star Wars mashups, to wit:

Liv long an prospur nuts!  not doin it right.

My most popular one so far is this one, which made it onto the “upcoming” page meaning that it is in consideration for front page status:

Gotta pee!

And I’ll leave you with one final parting shot, this time a genuine LolCat:

teh thingz u use intarnet 4... rly! iz just gonna unplug.


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