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Capon Bridge Photos

Posted on August 25th, 2010, by Mike

Here are some more shots of Capon Bridge, which is my drop-leaf segment at the entry into my layout. At the moment, it’s just sitting there by itself, as I chose to build it as a unit first, and then build the rest of the layout up to it. So, it stands as a lonely sentinel, prohibiting nothing since one can merely walk around. When the rest of layout is built, though, it will fold down into a recess such that it will be completely protected.

It is entirely scratchbuilt, aside from the plate girders which came from an Atlas kit. I think I need to get some plexiglass to create short walls on each side, to catch falling rolling stock before it has a chance to meet the hard floor. The scenery is only completed up to the “topsoil” layer, ready and waiting for ground foam and other forms of vegetation.

Bridge Pic 4393

click for larger version

Bridge Pic 4395

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Bridge Pic 4397

click for larger version

For more about this section of the layout, see my notes on the Capon Bridge track plan.

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