Boyce Junction Progress Shots

Posted on June 8th, 2010, by Mike

Here are some photos of my N-Trak module taken over the years, at various shows; you can see the gradual progress on scenery and such.

Boyce Junction N-Trak - first show

Above was the first show I participated in; track was done and ran reliably, but scenery was just begun. I got my “soil” layer complete for the show, as I did not want any yellow foam on display.

Boyce Junction N-Trak - S curve

Here, a sexy silver passenger train snakes through the interchange on the blue line. This was proof to me that my trackwork was done right, since this line runs through the diverging routes of two turnouts plus a 30-degree crossing. But there were no issues this time, and have been very few since (I had to widen the girders on the bridge recently).

Boyce Junction N-Trak - activity

Unfortunately a blurry shot, here a number of trains meet at the diamonds, including a caboose hop returning to Culpeper after having deposited a few cars on the setout tracks.

Boyce Junction N-Trak - Johnny's

Here is my module set up at Johnny’s Toys, at what turned out to be the last train show they hosted. They closed down, and the train department held on for a while but now is gone too. It was a fun show… and not just because they gave all of us who participated a coupon for $25 to spend in their train department!

Boyce Junction N-Trak - Thalys

Another shot from the Johnny’s show. That blur you see on the yellow (middle) line is the high-speed trainset “Thalys”, looking much like a fish out of water zipping through northern Virginia. But it was being run at a decent high speed, and I could just imagine the passengers being jolted left and right as they hit those S-curves!

Module at Derby City Express

(click to view the full size image)

I also participated in the Derby City Express show in Louisville, KY, which boasted the largest N-trak layout assembled to date. You can see that I don’t quite have all the scenery done, as there is a corner (front right) left as bare soil.

Boyce Junction N-Trak - meet

(click to view the full size image)

Finally, here is an overall shot taken recently, though not at a show. A few more trees have been planted, and it’s time to move on into the detailing phase. On the agenda are signals and guardrails for the road, additional weathering for the bridges and abutments, and dealing with some of the wear and tear that was inevitable. Oh, and more trees.  Always need more trees.

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