Boyce Junction Beauty Shots

Posted on June 8th, 2010, by Mike

I took some time to take my module out in the back yard, in the good light, and take a few photos. Here are some of my best shots so far.

Boyce Junction N-Trak - front

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A good overall shot from the front. Geographically, we’re looking to the southeast, towards the Blue Ridge Mountains which are on just the other side of the Shenandoah River. The WP&P mainline towards Culpeper follows the stream down to the river, then must climb up and through that mountain range before it can get to that city.

Boyce Junction N-Trak - bridge

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A pair of big husky N&W six-axle high-noses step out onto the bridge over Page Brook.

Boyce Junction N-Trak - Page Brook

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The line to Culpeper has been maintained after the N&W merger, though it was sold to Culpeper General Transit, a county-owned entity formed to ward off abandonment. Normally, Southern Railway operates the short freights that run between Winchester and Culpeper, but today we see an RS-11 wearing the last paint scheme of the WP&P as it returns.

Boyce Junction N-Trak - setouts

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The new N&W mainline bypasses the original diamonds and interchange track, and passes right beside the old stacked log fence. I had seen many of these fences when I lived in Virginia, and thought I just needed one to help set the sense of place; I cut individual twigs and glued it all up, board by board, in place.

Boyce Junction N-Trak - bridges

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One more look at the AlCo Century and SD-35 charging onto the new bridge. The old mainline to Hagerstown used the through-girder bridge, but now this line serves only as set-out tracks. I hope to one day add a lot more weathering to the old bridge as well as streaks of rust to the abutments.

I hope you enjoyed! Like any model railroad, this module is far from finished.


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  1. Steven Tomblin Says:

    Really nice, I’m from Winchester and it’s neat to see it being modeled.

    Best regards,

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