Capon Bridge Track Plan

Posted on May 11th, 2010, by Mike

Capon Bridge - drop leaf

Capon Bridge is a real location on the map, although geographically it would be between Oxmore and Trellisville. But when I decided I needed a drop-leaf segment at the entry into my layout, how could I resist using that name? I have constructed the benchwork for the drop-leaf itself, as a freestanding element that the layout segments on either side will butt up against. The mainline that curves out of Winchester has yet to be built, as does the town of Oxmore.

I have rendered it as an actual low bridge, a long trestle that crosses the creek that runs down the valley. The mainline between Winchester and Trellisville is running predominantly east to west, right across the ridge-and-valley province, and so this one bridge is actually typical of a number of such crossings that would be required in the real world.

Capon Bridge

The trestle is scratchbuilt, and the plate girders are borrowed from a kit. In the photo, the hinge is just to the right, and the sliding locks on the left (one each side of the track) retract to let it swing down. When dropped, it fits into a niche between 1×6 boards, so that the delicate bridge model is protected from elbows and such.

The loop of track leading up to it will be another opportunity for a small bridge, as I hope to do some more vertical scenery here, something rough and mountainous. The main reason for the loop, though, is to add distance between the towns. On the previous incarnation of the WP&P, the mainline from Winchester went directly into Oxmore, and it meant that a train pausing to set out cars in Oxmore would have its caboose still sitting in Winchester! The loop fixes that, plus it gives me enough room to include a drill track for the yard, so the yardmaster can keep busy without fouling an Oxmore main.

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