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The Track Plan

Posted on April 19th, 2010, by Mike

Overall Track Plan

(click the image to see it enlarged to 1024 pixels wide)

WP&P N-scale layout plan

This is the current working version of the track plan for my N-scale layout. Traffic flows in two primary ways; from Roanoke, over the line, to Grafton (or vice-versa), or from Roanoke to Winchester then turning at Oxmore, Trellisville, or Paston. Each of the towns will be explained in a little more detail in forthcoming posts; this is just intended to give the broad overview.

Roanoke and Grafton are the staging yards, unscenicked and located in a 4’x10′ closet. They are stacked on top of each other, and the long tracks can hold two trains of about 20 cars each, or one longer train. Winchester is the main active yard, serving as a coal marshalling center as well as reblocking for general merchandise. Capon Bridge is an actual drop-leaf bridge at the entrance to the layout, modeled as a low trestle. Oxmore is home to just one industry, a played-out coal mine that has found a second life as a dry sand mine, carving value out of the sandstone overburden. Trellisville is still a coal mining town, but a connection to the B&O’s branch from Green Springs livens things up. The line follows the South Branch of the Potomac through The Trough, and reaches Paston Valley, where the major coal mine sits. Sunnyvale was once an engine servicing point for steam, but in the diesel era its facilities have been kept for repair work only. Beyond Sunnyvale, a single track mainline rides a minimally scenicked shelf to reach Grafton.

I may make some adjustments as I continue to build, but the basic shape and flow will remain true. Check for additional posts as I show progress on the various sections!

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