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Route Map

Posted on April 13th, 2010, by Mike

Route Map of the WP&P

This is the overall route of the WP&P, as I envision it. The real Winchester & Western is a shortline that forms the Winchester-to-Oxmore segment, while the South Branch Valley (home of the Potomac Eagle scenic excursion) is another which forms the¬†Trellisville-Paston-Sunnyvale segment. The rest of the WP&P’s route is¬†utterly fictional.

Certain town names have been changed in my alternate reality. The fiction behind the WP&P was conceived long before I found actual places on the map that actually fit, so I just mapped my made-up towns onto real ones. Oxmore is my version of the town of Gore, VA. Trellisville is my name for Romney, WV. Paston Valley is actually Moorefield, WV, and Sunnyvale is really Petersburg, WV.

The black lines indicate the portion of WP&P retained by N&W post-merger as the Winchester Division; it generates coal and some other loadings, but also is a sort of bridge route for traffic heading towards Pittsburgh, Erie, or Cleveland. Using the main to Grafton and turning over loads there, rather than at Hagerstown, means greater revenues for N&W. Thus, it operates as a hybrid between a coal-holler branch line and a busy merchandise route.

The red lines are the portion of WP&P that was given up, though not all was abandoned. The City of Culpeper, with an industrial dependency on Winchester’s products, hastily formed Culpeper General Transit to purchase the connecting line, and contracted with Southern to operate its trains. South of Culpeper, the WP&P tracks were well and truly abandoned.

Traffic flow is between Grafton, WV and Roanoke, VA. Coal drags collect as mine turns out of Winchester that run up to Paston Valley and back, then are blocked into longer trains to run south from the Winchester marshalling to Roanoke, and ultimately on to Lambert Point in Norfolk.

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