Blogitecture in 2010

Posted on March 30th, 2010, by Michael Rountree

The format of my web page is changing! After having figured out this thing called “blogging” I figured that it might be a better underlying architecture for my website. The old hand-crafted table-based design was getting both outdated and unwieldy, so now the folks at WordPress are gonna help me be more organized and up-to-date. The look will have to be WP&P through and through, which means I need to do major surgery on the blog theme. Hopefully, it won’t look much like a basic blog when done.

EDIT: When I said “major surgery” I meant major!  This theme looks nothing like the original that I installed (orange-squash); I merely chose that one because it had the right kinds of elements in the right places, for the most part.


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  1. Tree Says:

    Testing the comments window, need to figure out CSS for my modified theme.

  2. Mom Says:

    Looks good!

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